Bouncing warifuru back in to development

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One of the main features of warifuru is a set of tools to help people who use laser cutters for their job.  Tools like optimizing layout for the fastest cuts (aka 2d bin-fitting) or patterns that determine the best power/speed for etching a given media by making a big-ass etch grid.

Then I found deepnest and put warifuru on hold.  Until last weekend, when deepnest went bonkers on one of my models.  “It’s open source, I’ll just fork and fix the bug”, right?  Well, it’s written in JS, and really, I’m not going to become a JS expert just to fix a bug.   We all have our limits and I hit mine at python :-).  (Disclaimer: I teach programming 101 in JS because it’s a really good learning tool.  See also p5.js.)

I also have some ideas on better estimation of cut times and redoing parts of laser cuts needed when working with Baltic birch or plywood.

So, game on (again).

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