Properly Securing a Pacsafe

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I’m a pretty big fan of Pacsafe gear, I use their wallet, a laptop bag, and motorcycle bags.  I use their laptop bag when I’m on the road because hotel safes are not secure.

Suffering cabin fever I decided to pick locks and see how quickly I could open the cheap locks we use around the house.  Pretty quickly, it turns out.  I picked a Pacsafe lock in maybe 30 seconds.  What?  Am I really that bad-ass?  No.  It turns out Pacsafe locks are jokes.  That video is a good demo of why I like Pacsafe, but also why you really need to replace their lock.

I did some measuring and ordered an ABUS 83WP-IB/53 Submariner.  Since I park my motorcycle outside in the rain, I figured getting a weatherproof lock made sense and there’s no harm using it with my hotel Pacsafe or luggage.  What I would like is to get several of these keyed alike, but that’s a small investment just to have the same key for a few padlocks.

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