Work-in-progress: multiple 60HP (Moog) eurorack

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A few years ago when buying Moogfest tickets, I noticed that in addition to the “VIP” ticket option there was another choice,  “Engineering/VIP”.  Not only do you get VIP status, you get to do something nerdy and take home hardware so *of course* I go for that upgrade.  The project turned out to be assembling a Werkstatt while it was still a concept and hanging out with a bunch of other music nerds.

The Werkstat is a basic analog synth, good for learning how synths work with a simple physical interface.  It’s also not a Eurorack friendly synth, that’s a format mostly ignored by Moog.  I halfway fixed that problem but there are issues with routing sound/power because those jacks on the rear of the unit, not the face.  Playing with the Werkstatt did get me interested in analog synths and I continue to sign up for the Engineering ticket.

Moog synths are mostly for people who can play the piano, which I do not.  (I do study the cello so maybe I just like analog stuff in general?)  Anything I do with a synth is programming/sequencing so I don’t need a keyboard.  So far there are only two Eurorack-friendly units from Moog, both are 60HP, narrower than most commercial Eurorack cases.  If you have two or three there are external Moog kits so no need for a case.  However, I have five.  A Mother 32 and four Moogfest experiments:

I also have a Lasersaur laser cutter and like making/selling stuff so I think you can guess what’s on my todo list.  Here’s a  five Moog 60HP unit rack prototype, I’ll also try making some three and four unit versions.

eurorack front vieweurorack side viw









Here’s a top down shot of the Werkstatt cable interference problem — simply no room to plug in power or headphones.

werkstatt cable interference

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