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Some days I think I should write a book on how to handle a deceased family member’s estate with what I’ve learned and then realize I never looked for one to read when my mom was diagnosed with two stage four growths.

So here we are, a few months later, and I’m almost done with the estate goods.

I volunteered to be in a cohort for ROCIS, a project “dedicated to monitoring and improving indoor air quality in the homes and workplaces where people spend their time.”  Check out their web site, some amazing research and results.  Also, more support that gas stoves are one of the worst things we can have in our home in terms of air quality.  They will loan me several $$$ sensors to run in various rooms in our house and log data back for their research.

Let’s update mine and run them in parallel and see how good the COTS sensors are compared to the pro sensors.

While I was “away”, the CO2/tVOC sensor I was using went out of production.  I found a replacement and am doing a little research before I switch sensors.  I also had some UI ideas on displaying information in useful ways for the layperson and some input devices where you can automagically flag using the stove, the toaster oven, taking a shower, etc.

“Let’s go see!”

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