New project in the development pipe

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Preview of a new tool stand I’m developing.  Still in the design iteration cycle, but I’m ready to start cutting more prototypes for testing.

Quarantine Planning for the Fall Semester

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I’m scheduled to teach another semester of Making Things Interactive this fall, but teaching physical computing remotely?  Without student access to a physical computing lab, laser cutters, and 3d printers? Hey, I’m a designer, let’s do some research! Which starts with Alton Brown’s and his wife Elizabeth’s “Quarantine Quitchen“, where they make dinner with whatever […]

Moog 60HP Eurorack update

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One of the first lessons I learned in consumer electronics is that version 1.0 is the “can we?” release.  Version 2.0 is effectively a do-over of 1.0, where we fix all the obvious problems we didn’t fix and the new obvious problems we didn’t predict.  Design school has their own version that boils down to […]

Work-in-progress: multiple 60HP (Moog) eurorack

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A few years ago when buying Moogfest tickets, I noticed that in addition to the “VIP” ticket option there was another choice,  “Engineering/VIP”.  Not only do you get VIP status, you get to do something nerdy and take home hardware so *of course* I go for that upgrade.  The project turned out to be assembling […]

Fundraising for men’s mental health and prostate cancer

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So I only do one charity thing a year, and it’s the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride. If you are spent and only have a few pennies or if you are flush and can donate some benjamins, it’s all appreciated. Thanks for supporting my ride

Summer fun project: ARP 2600 restoration

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I planned on doing personal portfolio work and some design projects this summer but picked up a fun gig by accident: restoring an ARP 2600 synthesizer for the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at CMU. I’ll post a bunch of photos and restoration notes once I’m finished, but here’s a teaser:

IKEA’s Accessibility Project

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IKEA Israel is supporting ThisAbles, a resource for making IKEA products more usable and helping filter products by qualities. Under the “Tables” section is a list of IKEA tables that are accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Back from an unplanned vacation…

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A few months ago, while teaching in the Spring, I applied for a F/T position at CMU HCII working on a research project and signed a 1-year contract. However, I’m writing lots of code at work and by the end of the day I really haven’t felt like working on warifuru.  I’m learning caffe, openpose, […]

Lasersaur ported to Ubuntu 16

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I’ve been having annoying reboot problems with the stock lasersaur distribution.  It’s probably my own damn fault, I fiddled with a package contents or installed a buggy version of something ~3 years ago. So there are also a number of security patches and software updates I’d like to have on all my digifab hardware.  I […]

Revisiting college life as a professor

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In 2009 I earned the first Master of Tangible Interaction Design at Carnegie Mellon.  This Fall I’m Adjunct at CMU School of Art, teaching Introduction to Physical Computing in the IDeATe program (yes that intercap is correct). We have a class blog if you want to follow along, half the students are CFA and half […]